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ADMY, it's us: Anne and Ben. We are two frenchies based in Los Angeles - California (yes the palm tree you see everywhere at ADMY...that makes sense now :) ) 
ADMY is a very personal reflection of our own style and who we are. We are championing independent designers because we believe they are full of promise and innovation (and we like their stuff too). At the same time, we really want to honor the past by featuring vintage treasures we have collected from around the world and give them a new life by adding a "petit je ne sais quoi" that we like.



ADMY was born at the end of 2022. You might be wondering what that means. So it's quite easy: this is a contraction of the first and last name of Anne, as she used to be called in her old professional life. There's no right way to pronounce it. Say it as you feel comfortable with. 



(We loove coffee) Storytellers at heart, it’s all in the details at ADMY. From the inspiration behind each object to a language all on its own, there is personality to be found in unexpected places. ADMY tries not to take itself too seriously - and neither should you.
We hope that you’ll enjoy your time on admy.cool, have a look, and maybe find something that adds a little inspiration to your life.
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